Our Story

The English Apothecary™ brand by by Naiad Soap Arts™ is an all natural line of bath and body products made with organic, fair trade, homegrown, local and sustainable ingredients.

The English Apothecary™ line was conceived in January of 2010 during a rainy morning walk, where here in Southern California we are in the middle of rainy season and all of the flowers are in full bloom. I caught the scent of something sweet, floral and citrus and had to run home to try and recreate it. I wanted English Apothecary™ to be an all natural line but strayed on my initial products, which were very popular but did not adhere to the 100% natural lines I had drawn for the brand so I wanted to start over. I got stuck, then I got busy, I got married, and so the line stayed dormant for over a whole year!

I really wanted to do English Apothecary™ right with the product line clear and packaging all in order. It has been slow going, as it sometimes is when you are the R&D, Production, and Packaging departments but I am finally ready to launch the first products! I hope you stay tuned as the line launches and grows!

My Skin Woes!

Hi! I'm Erin Pikor, owner of the company Naiad Soap Arts. Welcome to my new line! I have battled with my skin for 15 years. I have acneic skin that often gets dry and irritated and I have found out the cause is various food allergies that are responsible for an auto-immune reaction and hormonal imbalance. Yes, bummer right! I believe that skin issues have more to do with what we put into our bodies than what we put on them, but many things that we put onto are skin are directly absorbed into our bodies, and uncontrollable environmental pollutants play a large roll in toxifying our bodies. I am an advodcate for eating clean and drinking plenty of water but I have been developing and using the recipes in the English Apothecary™ line for over two years because I believe what we put on the outside counts as well. The ingredients are mostly organic, always natural and completely uncomplicated and straight forward. You can be confident that nothing harmful is getting through to your body or the environment!